xAPI and Learning Analytics

Jessie Chuang, Chair (Contact the Chair)
Alan Berg (Co-Chair (Contact the Co-Chair)

This SIG interacts asynchronously via Slack. Contact the SIG chair for an invitation.

Visit this SIG on the web at http://xapi-cop.net.


This SIG meets every other Thursday at 2:00 ET (19:00 UTC) . The next meetings are on Thursday, September 12th and 26th. Connect to the meeting using this web conference URL (or dial in: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 202 826 219).


The xAPI (Experience API) & LA (Learning Analytics) SIG is a community of professionals from a variety of disciplines that share the use of xAPI, LA and related Data Science technologies, in order to discuss, share and propose best practices, use cases and other resources that will lead to improvements towards understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs.

The goals of the SIG are to focus on sharing and creating scalable solutions that explore new methods of interaction, improve Educational outcomes through the means of LA practices in combination with the expanding definition of the xAPI standard.

Questions we will explore:

  • How can xAPI and related technologies further increase the value of LA to different stakeholders and facilitate automation of LA as much as possible through approaches that provide interoperability?

  • How can we appropriately disseminate specific learning analytics events to stakeholders inside and outside institutions in order to meaningfully respond to learning with all the tools and services available to the institution (e.g. awarding badges or other credentials in response to learning events or combinations of them).

  • How can xAPI and other similar standards such as IMS Caliper grow together in the future? What are the consequences of how interoperable or not these standards are?

We will work with xAPI and LA Community of Practice to suggest on xAPI profiles, LA connectors, and relevant activity metadata and learner data needed to improve reporting capability, learner modeling, content brokering and assessment of competency. We should take SCORM/CMI5 into consideration to accommodate old generation of content assets, but also connect with new learning technologies such as AR/VR/MR, intelligent tutors and chatbots.

As new technologies and products continually emerge, learning experiences are becoming more distributed and diversified. The lines between work and learning are no longer distinct. By leveraging the open standard xAPI to track a variety of human interactions with digital applications, Learning Engineers have the potential to build seamless intelligent learning environments from a distributed learning ecosystem as data silos are solved by xAPI.


Join our sessions at the ICICLE conference:

XAPI Education with Certification: This pre-conference workshop will assist participants in creating learning materials to jump-start their ability to enable Learning Engineers (LEs) to create products and systems that use xAPI.

XAPI Profile Design for Learning Analytics and Business Intelligence: This session will help attendees understand the purpose of a XAPI Profile and a logical process to design a functional profile that leverages experience data and analytics that drive learning and business outcomes.

Intelligent Learning and Working Environment in Industry 4.0 age: This panel will discuss how interoperability standards support seamless intelligent learning and working environment.

Learn more about the sessions on http://xapi-cop.net.