March 2018 SIG Update

March 2018 SIG Update

The SIGs have been actively forming and meeting. Here's what they reported at the monthly meeting in February and have since been working on. If you are interested in any of them, check out their page on the site, contact the chairs or attend a meeting.

AI and Adaptive Technologies

The chair of AI and Adaptive Technologies SIG, Michelle Derbenwick Barrett, reported that the SIG has met a few times and set up standard working sessions. They have developed a charter and are working through the development of topics and proposals for the conference. They are interested in implementing AI and adaptive technologies within learning systems and creating bridges among engineers, researchers, and practitioners developing, using, and evaluating the effectiveness of artificial intelligence and adaptive technologies in support of formal and informal lifelong learning.

This SIG meets every first Wednesday of each month at 10:00 ET.
The next meeting is on Wednesday, April 4th.
Competency Frameworks and Certification

The chair of the Competency Frameworks and Certification SIG,  Michael Jay, reported they have a meeting scheduled and although they have good representation, they would welcome government representation. The SIG is focusing on identifying existing competency-related technologies and standards relevant to the sorts of environments and tools with which Learning Engineers work. At the monthly meeting, a question was raised about the focus of the SIG: “Is the SIG to focus on defining a competency framework for  learning engineering or tools that support to competencies within learning engineering?” It was agreed at the meeting that we should demonstrate what we mean by competencies of the learning engineers themselves.  

This SIG will be collaborating with the Learning Engineering Academic Curriculum SIG and Learning Engineering as a Profession SIG to exchange needs and findings as related to the preparation and recognition of Learning Engineers. For now, the SIGs are separate, although in time they might find that they need to be reconfigured. It was agreed that SIGs themselves will decide how best approach the topics of preparing learning engineers as professionals.

Data Governance and Privacy

The chair of the Data Governance and Privacy SIG, TG Seabrooks, reported the SIG members are working to refine three key areas of focus: 1) Learning resource creators; 2) Learning platforms; and 3) Learning ownership (data governance and privacy). They have drafted initial ideas and shared with SIG members. 

As part of beginning the process, they have also recognized two key challenges. First, to get a better understanding of the current trends in data governance and privacy and second, which are the most important. A recommendation was to look at what the Child and Student Data Governance Working Group in LTSC is working on to check if there is overlap.

This SIG meets every other Wednesday at 10:00 ET.
The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 14.

Design for Learning

The chair of the Learning Experience Design SIG, Janet Kolodner, noted she has been researching the topic and reaching out to others that are interested.

Learning Engineering Academic Curiculum

The chair of the Learning Engineering Academic Curriculum SIG, Ken Koedinger, reported that the SIG is  beginning to collect resources and defining a clear work product goal. The SIG is seeking to guide and communicate what a Learning Engineering curriculum should include from an academic perspective. They have representatives industry and university and would welcome government representation.

This SIG meets the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 ET.
The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 14.
Learning Technology Data Standards

The chair of the Learning Technology Data Standards SIG, Davinia Hernández-Leo, noted that a meeting was scheduled the day after the monthly meeting to refine the definition of the SIG. The SIG is focused on reflecting about the needs for learning technology standards and data standards to support learning engineering. They completed a survey at the end of February to get consensus on path forward.

This SIG meets on the third Friday of every month at noon ET.
The next meeting is on Friday, March 16.

Learning Engineering as a Profession

The chair of Learning Engineering as a Profession, Ellen Wagner, has also been reaching out to different professional groups. Many are seeing themselves reflecting as learning engineers. Some are part of ICICLE and others would good to pull in to plug people all together. Since learning engineering is new idea and will even need a new vocabulary, it will be important to build a framework from the ground up that can take root and grow.

xAPI and Learning Analytics

The chair of the xAPI and Learning Analytics SIG, Jessie Chuang, reported that the SIG has defined outcomes and topics have emerged to work on: Learning analytics; Learning analytics connectors; IMS caliper; Competencies; and Connecting with credentials. Groups are forming for each topic. They will be identifying resources and determining terms and contributions.

This SIG meets every other Thursday at 11:00 ET.
The next meeting is on Thursday, March 22.