ICICLE Update: January 2019

ICICLE Participants,

Join us Thursday, January 17th for our monthly community call at 11am EST. We'll be meeting as usual via https://join.me/IEEE-ICICLE  and the call is scheduled for one hour's length. An agenda will be posted here.

How are you thinking about Learning Engineering?

In December 2018 at OEB18, Ellen Wagner and Jane Bozarth spoke about "Learning Engineering: The Next Wave."  As follow-up, Ellen Wagner had an in-depth Q&A with Campus Technology on Learning Engineering: Making Education More "Professional"  and Jane Bozarth provides an overview in her column, Nuts and Bolts: Learning Engineering? Instructional Design? 

At the LearnLaunch Conference next week, Dr. Melina Uncapher,  an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at University of California, San Francisco, will be keynoting on "How Can Learning Engineering Be Applied In Schools?"  

Please share your Learning Engineering stories with us! 

Anyone coming to Educause Learning Initiative conference next month?  We'll be there to talk about The Role of Learning Engineering for Next-Gen Learning Technologies.

2019 ICICLE Conference on Learning Engineering

The registration site for the May 2019 ICICLE conference is up! Register for tickets and tell your networks! We are expecting the event to sell out quickly, so don't delay and be sure to get in on the Early Bird pricing.

The conference is designed for dialogue, not traditional presentations. We'll be talking about findings, research, and accomplishments in Learning Engineering. All attendees are eligible to submit papers and multi-media presentation for the post-conference Proceedings (more info about how to publish here). We'll also be deciding what happens next after ICICLE. 

Check out the  Conference Schedule.  We'll have conversations around topics such as: 

  • Will the Real Learning Engineer Please Stand Up? 

  • What Type of Learning Engineer Are You?  

  • What a graduate curriculum for Learning Engineering may include 

  • Competencies for Learning Engineers who design learning experiences 

  • Emerging technologies from a Learning Engineering perspective: AI, adaptive, learning analytics, xReality, blockchain, 5G, and more

  • What have we learned so far in developing Adaptive and AI Supported Learning Systems at scale

  • Why (and how) Learning Engineering adds value 

  • Real stories of what people learned in real projects 

  • Policy/Culture Changes for Organizations that Design & Implement Data Reflective Learning Experiences

  • How learning engineering can be considered a team sport  

  • And more... 

Sessions will be interactive, participatory and explorative to discuss we can apply learning engineering to our companies, universities, schools and organizations.  We welcome everyone to come and join us at the conference.

Conference Support

Do you represent an org/entity who may be interested in supporting the conference financially? Please contact the Chair directly at <shelly@yetanalytics.com> to discuss. There are a variety of tiers of support available.

Thank You!

As always, I'm looking forward to the conversation on Thursday. SIG Chairs and Committee Leads should be ready to give brief updates. Please contact me if you would like anything added to the agenda.


Shelly Blake-Plock, IEEE ICICLE, Chair