ICICLE Update: December 2018

ICICLE participants,

Join us Thursday, December 20th for our monthly community call at 11am EDT. We'll be meeting as usual via https://join.me/IEEE-ICICLE  and the call is scheduled for one hour's length. An agenda will be posted here.

New Reads
Have you checked out Learning Engineering for Online Education edited by Chris Dede, John Richards, and Bror Saxberg? It is now available and I found it to be a "must read" for folks interested in Learning Engineering. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the book.


ICICLE members have participated in many events over these past two months. In November, we were in China at AI and Adaptive Systems. There was a presentation on establishing an ICICLE Military Training Chapter at the I/ITSEC Conference in Florida. IEEE TALE took place in Australia this month with Special Track on Engineering of Learning Technologies: An Emerging Discipline and Bror Saxberg as keynote speaker.  At  OEB Berlin we had a session on "Learning Engineering: The Next Wave". Really exciting events and amazing span of coverage for Learning Engineering.

If you are planning to present at any conference, let's connect via the ICICLE Slack #chances-to-meet channel or please reach out directly to let us know. Additionally, as always, please let us know what you have published or presented so that we can share your work with others.  

We want to know about your work on LE! So, please contact Jodi <jodillis@gmail.com> with all of your news.

The registration site for the May 2019 ICICLE conference is up! Register for tickets and tell your networks! We are expecting the event to sell out quickly, so don't delay and be sure to get in on the Early Bird pricing.

The event is organized around three questions:

  • What are the competencies of learning engineering?

  • What do we know about learning, and what does our knowledge suggest about design of learning experiences, conditions for learning, and use of supporting technologies?

  • How will the emerging learning engineering profession address privacy versus personalization?

SIGs are in the process of finalizing descriptions of the sessions.  

If you represent an org/entity who may be interested in supporting the conference, please contact the Chair directly at <shelly@yetanalytics.com> to discuss.

SIGs are meeting on regularly basis and are having engaging discussions, presenting guest speakers, and fostering further explorations of Learning Engineering. Dates and times for each of the SIG meetings are posted on the SIG page on the ICICLE website.

Thank You!
As always, I'm looking forward to the conversation on Thursday. SIG Chairs and Committee Leads should be ready to give brief updates. Please contact me if you would like anything added to the agenda.


Shelly Blake-Plock