ICICLE Update: April 2018

ICICLE participants,

At a recent IEEE-SA Standards Board Meeting in Tokyo earlier in March, Steering Committee member, Robby Robson, reported that ICICLE was prominently featured. The website was pointed out as a model for Industry Connections activities and the Board shared that they’d never before seen anything quite like ICICLE.  

Getting noticed by the Standards Board is due to a huge amount of work on everyone's part.  

We’re only getting through April and a tremendous amount of effort has already been put into ICICLE — from the SIGs brainstorming and preparing ideas, white papers, and curricula to the work of the committees preparing for the conference. It's incredible the commitment and time people have given to ICICLE. We love and appreciate your enthusiasm and passion!

Thank you.


Monthly Community Call

Our last two monthly calls in February and March had great turn-outs. We had several excellent exchanges during the meeting. Committees and SIG provided updates, ideas and questions were discussed about the conference, and we agreed to collaborate together on the creation of a definition responding to the question: “What is a learning engineer?”

Our next Community Call is scheduled for April 19th at 11am Eastern. To join the call, go to: https://www.join.me/IEEE-ICICLE


Definition of a Learning Engineer

We agreed that the defining of the term should be a collaborative process. We have set up two ways to share thoughts. Add your ideas on our Google Doc or write them on a "post-it" on ICICLE’s Boardthing. With Boardthing, we can group ideas together, see what connects and intersects.


SIGs Updates

In short: the SIGs have been doing a whole lot. Read an update on the ICICLE website of what each of the SIGs has been up to, and for information about each SIG check out the SIG page.

If you are interested in joining any of the groups, just reach out to the SIG chairs to express your interest in participating. They’ll be working on projects to be presented at the International Conference on Learning Engineering. If you’d like to contribute, it is a great opportunity.


Member Communication / Meeting Schedule

As promised, we’ve set up a member communication page on the with links to the ICICLE Google Drive and Slack. Each SIG has a folder in Google Drive and a channel in Slack for cross collaboration and sharing.  

BTW… if you are attending a conference, let others know on #chances-to-meet channel on Slack.  

Promotional Materials / FAQs

At the March meeting, we discussed the need for more materials to help people understand what we’re working on. In response, we now have a FAQ page on the website. We are also working on promotional materials that can you can share at conferences and with others. Feel free to download pdfs to share from https://www.ieeeicicle.org/media-kit/.

Of particular interest may be the information for prospective conference attendees. You’ll find a link in the Media Kit, but here’s a quick view of one of the questions we most often are asked… namely: who should attend the conference?

Who should attend?

Learning Engineers: Software and product developers; educational publishers;
systems integrators; and individuals who design, develop, and deploy learning
technology in schools, colleges and universities, corporations, and government. A major goal of this conference is the exchange of ideas and best
practices among working learning engineers.

Training Professionals: L&D professionals, trainers,  and educators at all levels who are responsible for introducing learning technology and for initiating competency-based training, mastery-based education, automated certificate programs, and other innovations. This is an opportunity to see the range of successful applications and the kinds of problems that need to be solved.

Educators and Learning Scientists: Professional educators and researchers in the field of learning science who develop new learning paradigms and who implement new technologies within the context of learning. This includes faculty and administrators responsible for academic programs related to Learning Engineering.  A major goal is cross-fertilization between researchers and practitioners and the exchange of information among established and nascent academic programs and curricula related to Learning Engineering.

Conference Committee

Topics about the conference at the monthly meetings included title, dates, place, audience, and format. The committee welcomes any suggestions.

We also have been connecting with several conferences leading up to ours and finding opportunities to submit proposals for workshops and presentations. We want to use these events to start conversations and get feedback from the community as well as publicize our conference.

The committee requests that each SIG has a representative on it. SIG chairs — if you have not done so already, please nominate one of your members to be your SIG’s conference committee rep.


Technical Committee

The technical committee has been working IEEE on repos. Repos will be set up on GitLab.  Information will be sent to the SIGs on how to sign up shortly.


Call for TALE Conference Submission

At the IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE) in Australia in December, Edilson Arenas, Leon Lei and Mark Lee, members of ICICLE Curriculum SIG, are organizing an ICICLE related Special Track entitled “Engineering of Technologies for Learning: An Emerging Discipline.”

If you are not familiar with TALE, it is the IEEE Education Society’s flagship Asia-Pacific conference series. Mark is one of the two General Chairs of TALE 2018 Conference.

The Track is soon soliciting papers and presentations and would also like to offer panel and roundtable-type sessions centered around the work of the ICICLE Curriculum SIG. In addition to providing international exposure for ICICLE in general, these sessions will also serve as an opportunity to solicit community feedback on the specific outputs of the Curriculum SIG.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark J.W. Lee.


News Tips and Q&A Series

Have news you’d like to share with the community? Interested in taking part in the monthly Q&A series?

Contact Jodi Lis, our Outreach Chair.


Next up...

Our next meeting is Thursday, April 19th at 11am Eastern.

This meeting will be key because SIG chairs will be sharing what each SIG is planning to present at the conference.

To join the call, go to: https://www.join.me/IEEE-ICICLE.

You can find this and all ICICLE events here: https://www.ieeeicicle.org/events/.


Thanks to all of you for your contributions to ICICLE!

As always, if you have any questions or ideas for things you’d like to see in ICICLE, please reach out directly. I’m always happy to chat.


Shelly Blake-Plock