IEEE ICICLE Participation Survey

ICICLE invites all prospective and current participants to complete a brief survey to signal their interest in joining the consortium's committees and special interest groups (SIGs).

Committees include:

  • Outreach Committee: Responsible for advocating on ICICLE's behalf to industry, academia, and government, as well as managing ICICLE messaging and public relations including press releases, consortium presentations, and public events.
  • Membership Committee: Responsible for the growth and management of ICICLE's entity participants and individual contributors.
  • Conference Committee: Responsible for the production of ICICLE's annual International Conference on Learning Engineering including calls for papers and speakers as well as logistics.
  • Editorial Committee: Responsible for the editing and publication of the Proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Engineering as well as all ICICLE digital content.
  • Technical Committee: Responsible for the maintenance of open source resources and libraries as well as the management of ICICLE innovation testbeds.

Proposed SIGs include:

  • Adaptive and AI-enabled personal assistants for learning
  • xAPI and learning analytics
  • Competency frameworks and the automation of certification and credentials
  • Key needs from a learning technology and data standards perspective
  • Learning data governance and learner privacy
  • How we can support the development of Learning Engineering as a profession from an industry-needs standpoint
  • What a Learning Engineering curriculum should include from the academic perspective

ICICLE activities are open to the public and the consortium encourages broad participation. Please email ICICLE directly with any questions.