Design for Learning

Janet Kolodner, Chair (Contact the Chair)

This SIG interacts asynchronously via Google Docs and SlackContact the SIG chair for details.


This SIG will meet monthly on the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be on Thursday, September 19th at 1:00PM ET. Please use this URL to join us on that date and time. 


This SIG is working towards identifying the competencies that learning engineers who design engaging and effective learning experiences need to have and what they need to know about learning, and identifying both formal and on-the-job pathways towards gaining such competencies.

It seeks to address issues facing learning engineers who design learning experiences and who design the infrastructure and authoring systems that will make it easy for others to design high quality courses and programs. “High quality,” for learning engineers, will involve how insights and findings from research on learning are integrated with other design factors.


Participate in the Design for Learning sessions at the conference:

Providing a Helping Hand - Sharing research & best practices on supporting faculty as a Learning Engineer: This workshop will facilitate discussion, reflection and practice around establishing an environment where faculty support teams can work most effectively, with a focus on the perspective of the learning engineer.

Competencies for designer-type learning engineers: What attitudes, dispositions, and capabilities do learning engineers who design learning experiences need to have?

Masters Curriculum for LE: How can we best educate the next generation of learning engineers?

Bringing together learning and assessment - how do/should people who do these work together? This session addresses how we might integrate assessment into the technology-rich learning experiences of today's students, professionals, and other learners.

Data as a tool for learning engineering: Learn how data is being used in learning design, formative feedback, and iterative improvement.