Learning Engineering among the Professions

Ellen Wagner, Chair (Contact the Chair)

This SIG will meet monthly. The next meeting will be scheduled in November.



This Special Interest Group gives members of professions that increasingly borrow from technical and scientific disciplines, including but not limited to medicine, data science, mathematics, programming, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and learning science, a place to learn about ICICLE and to share in the development of standards, frameworks, curricula, competencies and governance structures related to Learning Engineering.

ICICLE uses this SIG to actively reach out to foundations, professional associations, interstate compact organizations, departments and ministries, educational accrediting agencies, and international industry organizations for elementary, secondary, post secondary, adult and career education and corporate training and education to participate in our monthly web meetings. We want to be able to share the work of ICICLE, per our charter from IEEE; however, we also want to have a forum to learn about initiatives and ventures coming from other disciplines and practices (e.g. digital pedagogy).