The IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering is comprised of organizations
in industry, academia, and government with a common goal of supporting the
development of Learning Engineering as a profession and academic discipline. IEEE
ICICLE is part of the IEEE Standards Association’s (IEEE-SA) Industry Connections (IC) 


ICICLE is an open forum and community-driven platform for defining and supporting
the profession of Learning Engineering. All ICICLE activities are open to the public and
all are welcome to participate. Organizations are invited to join ICICLE as voting


IEEE ICICLE was established in December 2017 by the recommendation of the IEEE-SA
Standards Board ICCom and the formal approval of the IEEE-SA Standards Board
(SASB). ICICLE is a 24 month activity planned to run from December 2017 to December


ICICLE’s scope is international and we plan to host an international conference on
learning engineering in 2019. In pursuit of that goal, ICICLE supports monthly community calls as well as the work of several SIGs with topics ranging from the application of AI and adaptive technologies to learning to the development of curricula for learning engineering studies in higher education.


Despite exponential growth in the development of learning technologies, there has
been relatively little support specific to the professional development of the engineers
designing and building new learning technologies. These professionals require a
unique skill set merging engineering and systems thinking with learning science and
theories of human development. ICICLE was formed to provide definition and support
to this burgeoning field and to advocate for the development of both the profession
and academic discipline of Learning Engineering.